Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Times they are a changing

They say things always happen in three's. I've found this to be true more often than not. I chalk one dramatic happening, good or bad, up to chance. The second instance I say, "What a coincidence?" But, then when the realization that the two instances are in some way similar or connected, I begin to get suspicious. I begin to think to myself, "What is going to happen next?"

And there I wait and/or anticipate, the next outcome.

Is this kind of expectation a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy? Is it the "power" of negative or positive thinking as the case may warrant? At any rate, I continue to collect data in my research for an answer.

The most recent example came when Amy and I decided to take Cooper for a Sunday drive about a month ago. We drove up I-5 to Mount Vernon, turned left and drove over Deception Pass and down through Whidbey Island. The purpose of the trip was a diversion on a Sunday but the destination was my two closest friends in Washington.

First we stopped at Mike and Janine's house to find them returning from a day of birthday celebrating for their daughter Jordan. We didn't know it was her birthday, but soon we were catching up with the last year of our lives, as we hadn't seen each other since last July 4th. We soon found out that my friends were planning a move to Italy for Mike's work. A once in a lifetime chance to experience a foreign country for two years on someone else's dime. I was floored. I was convinced they were in Washington to stay, but here they were grabbing the brass ring

Next, we visited my friend Kim. Kim just opened a deli on the main drag to the Mukilteo-Whidbey ferry about 2-3 years ago. She has put her heart and soul into growing her business and she has been very successful. However, she announced to me that she too is considering a move. TO NEW ZEALAND!!! Once again I was floored.

Now what am I to think?

Is the Crandell family next?

Finally, my friend Tim announced to me that he got the job he was looking for in Dallas and moved there last week. I knew he had been looking to move, to what I thought would be Seattle. When he told me it would be Dallas, I was shocked, saddened. I can't wait to visit he and Alona, only in winter though as I can't do 110 degrees each day in the Summer.

I wonder, does that complete the trinity or do we?

Cheers and Mahalo.