Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Weekend!

This past weekend Craig, Cooper, and I went to Othello to celebrate my family's September & October birthday's. We were celebrating for Cooper turning 1. My nephew Aiden turning 2. My nephew Samson turning 3. My niece Camryn turning 5 and my Tio Fito whose age shall remain a secret ;).

We held the party at my sister Mandy's house. She is such an amazing hostess. She spent so much time and energy getting everything ready for us all. I really appreciate all she did. My Tia Cas was the head chef as usual! She is so awesome! She brought decorations that made it feel like a real party instead of just a nice get together.

Everybody came. My Grandma, my Mom, and all of my dad's siblings were there. Out of 12 cousins(including myself and my siblings) 9 of us were there. The other 3 had pretty good excuses as to why they couldn't make it. I had such a good time. I was apprehensive and nervous the whole week leading up to the event. It's never easy for Craig and I when we go to Othello, but I ended up having a great time in spite of my fears.

I can't believe how big all of the kids are getting. My niece Camryn is my favorite. I know I shouldn't have favorites, but this little girl has had me wrapped around her finger since she was born 5 years ago. I can't pin point what it is about her that makes me adore her so much, but I just can't help loving her to pieces. I love the others too, I just favor her. She is getting to be such a big girl. So smart and so beautiful. Cooper loves her about as much as I do. He had a great time with his cousins. Samson and Julian made him laugh so much. He gave Camryn more kisses than I've seen him give anyone. She is so gentle and tender with him. All 3 of Mandy's kids were. They have been since the moment they met him. They are pretty special kids.

Mandy sent us home with a car full of hand me downs in addition to all of the gifts Cooper received at the party. I can't thank her enough for everything she's given to us. She gave us a second forward facing car seat so Craig can have one in his car. She gave us tons of clothes. I'm not exaggerating that either. It might very well have been a ton ;). She gave us all kinds of toys and a jogger stroller. I'm still not sure how we fit it all into our car. She has such a giving heart. Thank you Mandy for everything you've done for me. I love you!

All in all, it was a pretty great weekend. It's been a long time since we've had a weekend that good. I love my family! You guys are awesome!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

My crazy week!

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I've just not been sure what to write about or if anyone really cared. Well, this has been a crazy week and I feel like I should write about it.

Monday - RAIDERS! Cooper got to wear his first Raiders jersey and watch them play while sitting in his dad's lap. It was so cute. I can't wait until he can cheer for them. I hope for Craig's sake that they start doing at least a little better so he can hang on to his hope.

I also took Cooper for a walk around our neighborhood. We were trying to get to the library by walking, but the sidewalk ran out at a busy part of the street so we turned around and walked home. We might try it another night when I can be sure that the library is actually open.

Tuesday - What a great day! I got an offer for a new position at Expedia. Procurement Operations Specialist. Basically I'll be purchasing all of the hardware for the company worldwide. Woohoo! They gave me an offer, I countered for a little more and they came back with it. I'm getting a raise! Yay! I was really looking forward to us having a little bit of back up money.

Wednesday - Ick! I felt like crap. I had felt a tickle in my throat all day on Tuesday, but tried to ignore it. There was no ignoring it on Wednesday. That tickle got stronger and came invited something to plug my ears and give me a runny nose. Craig was so great. I kissed him goodbye for work and thought I wouldn't see him for a couple of hours. Lo and behold he was back in about 20 minutes. He had gone down to the Jamba Juice and bought me my favorite - Razzmatazz! I worked from home and took a nap in the afternoon while Cooper napped. If it hadn't been for that, Craig would've come home from work to a very cranky wife.

Thursday - My heart stopped. Craig was laid off from his job. His company has been downsizing for awhile, but his area has been holding it's own. He thought that if they downsized his area they would let go of his assistant. Well, they decided that they would combine the Portland and Seattle areas. The Portland branch manager has more seniority than Craig so he gets the "lucky" job of managing both areas. So much for having back up money. We let our daycare provider know that we won't be bringing Cooper at least through October. I feel so bad for her as this means she's losing her job too. She's down to only 4 kids now. Not good for her. =(

We sat down and discussed our finances going forward. Luckily Oakwood gave Craig a small severance package so he has a little back up time to find a job. The sooner the better though. We discussed the possibility of moving to Michigan. It's a high possibility. We've been thinking about it for some time. I didn't want to really think about it until the new year, but this has kind of pushed it up sooner than I had hoped. Why don't my plans ever turn out the way I expect them too?

Friday - Just didn't feel like doing anything. Craig stayed home with Cooper all day as will be his lucky task going forward. Well, at least until he finds something else. I sent an email out at work to all the parents letting them know about our daycare provider. Had a couple of great responses. I hope she gets some more kids from that email. She did say she would hold Cooper's spot. Poor thing was crying when I talked to her. Not because of losing the money, but because she loves Cooper so much. He's been with her since he was 2 months old. He loves her just as much as she loves him. His face always lights up when he sees her.

Went on another walk with Cooper. I decided to try and explore our neighborhood this time. We've lived here for a year and a half and I've never really explored past our street. Funnily enough I found an awesome little trail. Cooper and I kept on it not knowing where it would take us. It was extremely hidden. While I was walking it, I kept thinking we were like Hansel and Gretal and were going to come upon a house made of candy at any moment. It was such a secluded little trail that has no business being where it is. We came out at the bottom of a huge hill. I am so out of shape that I about killed myself walking up it. This led me to set up a schedule for working out in the future. All in all, I'd say it was a good walk. It was only 25 minutes long, but I felt great afterward and Cooper LOVED it. He just loves looking at everything and taking it all in. I wish I knew what was going through his mind most of the time.

Today(Saturday) - rainy day. Want to go for a walk on that trail again. This time hopefully Craig will go with us. It's raining though, so it looks like it will probably get put off until another day. =( We'll probably stay inside all day long and do chores. I really don't know how our house gets so dirty so quickly.

One thing I do plan to do today is practice the cakes I'm going to make for our joint birthday party next weekend. Samson, Camryn, Cooper, Aiden(my cousin Fidel's son), and my Tio Fito all have birthday's within a one month time span from September 11th to October 12th so we're having a big family party for them. I'm super excited about all of the cakes I'm going to make. Strangely enough the hardest one to decide on is Samson's cake oh and Cooper's too. Not sure why. Cam's was easy she's getting a flower with a bee on it. Exactly what she asked for. Aiden is getting a baseball hopefully with a pair of red socks on it, if I can figure it out. Tio Fito is getting a golf bal stuck in the rough. I really hope I can pull them all off. I'm gonna love trying it at least.

Well, I think that's all for now. Have a great day/week!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

True Colors

Well, it's been almost a month since Amy or I posted something. The truth is that we are both very unreliable when it comes to contacting the ones we love. So for those of you that fall in that category, we apologize.

For those of you that rely on this post for updates to our lives and are generally indifferent to loving us, shame on you!!! Just kidding. Amy and I are just as guilty of keeping up to date with friends/acquintances from a distance, via blogs and Facebook these days.

Here is what we have.

Despite the fact that he is struggling to find an effective crawling technique, Cooper is closing in on walking, we hope very soon. His two bottom teeth are serving him very well in trying "adult" foods, like corn, brownies, gummy worms and popsicles. Upon reading that last sentence, I know why I am overweight now.

We are very much looking forward to visiting Michigan in late October, so Cooper can see his Papa and Mimi again. Amy and I both pray for the day when we can visit Othello and introduce Cooper to his Lito.