Saturday, July 4, 2009

People in the Party... HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Being born in Michigan I sometimes miss the distinct changing of the seasons. Weatherwise these 4 things are great to experience every year in the Midwest:

1) The first snowfall of winter
2) The first really warm day in spring
3) The first day you can swim in summer
4) Any day when there are leaves changing in the fall

We don't get that progression much in Seattle. We get the following:

1) Going to work and the sun is still down and leaving from work and the sun is already down. 7 hours of daylight in December sucks!!!
2) 3 straight months of drizzle and 45-50 degrees. Monotonous.
3) From June- September where everyday is sunny, dry and 70-80 degrees. Perfect!!! The reason I love living here.
4) Football season!!!

I love this time of year in Seattle. The things I don't miss about Midwest weather are when there is 2 feet of brown dirty snow that lasts until April and when it is 100 degrees, humid and mosquitoes rule the outdoors.

In a couple of weeks, we leave for central California for a Garza family reunion and I will certainly be reminded of the brutally hot weather of my youth. I'm going to wilt like a flower in a sauna by the time we reach Sacramento on the drive down. It will be great fun, but I'll be sweating like Michael Jackson at a Chuck-E-Cheese the whole time.


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