Tuesday, September 1, 2009

True Colors

Well, it's been almost a month since Amy or I posted something. The truth is that we are both very unreliable when it comes to contacting the ones we love. So for those of you that fall in that category, we apologize.

For those of you that rely on this post for updates to our lives and are generally indifferent to loving us, shame on you!!! Just kidding. Amy and I are just as guilty of keeping up to date with friends/acquintances from a distance, via blogs and Facebook these days.

Here is what we have.

Despite the fact that he is struggling to find an effective crawling technique, Cooper is closing in on walking, we hope very soon. His two bottom teeth are serving him very well in trying "adult" foods, like corn, brownies, gummy worms and popsicles. Upon reading that last sentence, I know why I am overweight now.

We are very much looking forward to visiting Michigan in late October, so Cooper can see his Papa and Mimi again. Amy and I both pray for the day when we can visit Othello and introduce Cooper to his Lito.


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