Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Shack

Hello friends,

I'm not sure how many of you are avid readers, but I would say that I am a bookworm. I go through phases where I can't stop reading and then have times where I just don't think there is anything interesting enough to take my attention away from my family.

I have just finished a fantastic book called The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity. This book was amazing.The Shack definitely got my interest. A friend of mine suggested it and I immediately went and purchased it. I couldn't put it down! It is a religious fiction book that makes you think about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in a whole new light. Look it up on If any of you are interested in borrowing it, just let me know. Wow! What a great read! Now I'm off to read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. If you have any good suggestions be sure to send them my way.(They don't have to be religious, just happens to be what I read this time.)


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