Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Playing the Game of Life?

Two days ago I had the most bizarre conversation with the manager of my local Rite Aid. It was so funny that I just had to share.

Craig and I were at the Factoria Mall. We went into Rite Aide so I could pick up something I needed at home. As I got in line, Craig went to get the car so Cooper and I wouldn't have to walk through the rain. That's when things got weird.

Manager - "I can help someone at the Photo counter."

I was second in line, so I moved over to be assisted by the manager. I only had one item, I figured it would be quick.

So, I walk up to the counter and place my item on it...

Manager - "Are you playing the game of Life like you know you should?"

My thoughts - What!?! Oh, maybe he is talking about the scratch ticket Lucky for Life, I'm not sure, uhh...

Me - "Uhh, no. I am playing the real game of life though. So far I've rolled and gotten married and had a kid."

Manager - "Oh, you're doing it right. I wish I could have kids. I have to get married first and I can't find a wife."

Me - "You'll find one."

Manager - "My roommate says I lost the toss for the good looks pool."

Me - "That's horrible!"

Manager - "Horrible, but true."

By this time we were finished ringing up my one item and I had started to head out of the store with Cooper.

Me - "Uhh, bye. Have a good night."

I walked out of there as fast as I could. It was such a bizarre encounter. I told Craig the story right away. I've been chuckling about it ever since. I do feel sorry for that poor man. He was not hideous by any means, but he wasn't super attractive either. Poor guy just needed a hair cut and a roommate that doesn't pick on him.


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