Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Evasive Mucous

Cooper has reverted to his childhood ways. Technically, since he's still a child I guess I should say he's reverted to his newborn ways. Sleeping is not a long occurence in our nighttime regimen these days. I'm sure it's due to the fact that he is having trouble breathing. He has such a runny/stuffy nose. I try my hardest to suck out all of the mucous with a nasal aspirator, but it's hiding from me. Just when I think I've gotten it all and have put away all of the necessary booger extracting tools, he takes a breath and I hear the mucous that I've missed. Not only is the mucous hiding from me, but the nasal aspirator is doing a good job of it as well. We have 2 of them. I searched the house from top to bottom yesterday morning and couldn't find either one. I ended up driving to Fred Meyer at 7am to buy yet another one. All I want is for my poor little guy to be able to breath properly, but no luck. I'm just sure that this runny nose is being caused by his teething. He has no other symptoms other than his gums being extremely swollen. Having a baby is such a frustrating guessing game. Hopefully Cooper will come out none the worse for wear.

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  1. love it..... welcome to the blog world... gonna copy that countdown...I can't believe it is so close!!!