Monday, June 15, 2009

32 Days...

Until the reunion. I need a vacation now. Why does 32 days seem so far away?

For whatever reason I woke up overly emotional this morning. I absolutely did not want to take Cooper to daycare. I almost burst into tears several times on my way to work after dropping him off. I just wanted to stay and play with my adorable baby all day. I wanted to hold him and cuddle him. He was in that kind of mood, which is rare these days as he is learning to be more independent.

When I finally got to work, it didn't get any better. One of our new VP's is making life tough. For a good reason, but nevertheless he has disrupted the nice efficient routine that I have laid out and now I have to jump through hurdles to adjust my work to suit him. *sigh* I don't normally mind change, I normally welcome it. Why am I having such a difficult time of adapting to this man? I know things will calm down once he is more adjusted to his new role, but in the meantime it's frustrating.

Oh well, I guess I just need an attitude adjustment this morning. Nothing extremely terrible has happened. I just need to get over it and maybe try starting my day over.

My wonderful husband has suggested I take a quick walk to Jamba Juice and get one of my favorite drinks. I think I'll take him up on that suggestion and start fresh when I get back to the office. Hopefully a Razzmatazz will cheer me up. Or maybe I'll go crazy and get the new Blackberry Bliss. Either way, I don't think I can go wrong. In the meantime, I've figured out that my fakeation is in Diamond Head, HI. Wish I really were there.
Have a fabulous day, dahling!

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