Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boon Squirt

Wraylee's blog about sporks has inspired me to write a blog about this nifty little gadget by a company called Boon. They have several feeding items for babies. The one that I particularly enjoy is called the Squirt. Now, just to let you know, I am a lover of gadgets so it's not surprising that I had to have this one.

I originally found this item at, but hesitated to purchase because I didn't want to pay shipping and I wasn't completely sure that it would work. Yesterday, while Cooper and I were at Babies R' Us I found the item in their store, for less than it was online! Sweet! I bought it, of course.

I still wasn't positive that it would work. I got it home and couldn't wait for it to be feeding time for Cooper. When that time finally rolled around, I tried it out. Yes! It works! It's awesome! You pour the baby food in the container end of the spoon, screw on the spoon part and squeeze a little at a time to make the food come out. I even made sure to try something that was a little on the thick side to make sure that it would still come out, and it did. I was still skeptical as I was feeding Cooper. I was just sure that there would be a ton of food left inside that I couldn't get out and would end up wasting. This was not the case.

How sweet it is when you find something that is really cool like this. Here are some pictures so you have an idea of what I'm talking about.



  1. That's an interesting invention! The Boon....whod'a thunk it?
    I'm curious, did Cooper get as messy using the Boon as he would using a regular spoon?

  2. He didn't get messy at all, which is one HUGE reason why I love it! I hate for my hands to be dirty. With regular food he sometimes grabs at the container of food and gets his fingers in it, then he touches me and I have to get a wipe and clean my hands immediately. With this, nothing. Even if he grabbed at the spoon he wouldn't have gotten dirty. So, so, cool!