Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The miracle of babies

Last night I came home from work/doctor/errands and was very tired and emotional. It had been a very trying day for me. When I walked in the door of my house I found Craig on the living room floor playing with Cooper. Yay, I was home. Before I could put anything down Cooper turned to me and smiled. Then he opened his arms wide and started to make the "come" motion with his hands meaning "I want you(that)", depending on the item he is looking at, in this case, me! My heart melted. I hurried to dispose of all of my belongings(purse, shoes, laptop, etc.) and hold my son. He had been perfectly content playing with Craig, but as soon as he saw me he wanted me. I felt so much better about things instantly. Isn't it amazing how a little child can take all our worries away and also give us all kinds of new worries at the same time? I love you Cooper!

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