Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, for a couple of weeks now work has been a little lackluster. I haven't really known what to do. I have been contemplating a new type of work. I don't think that is what God has in plan for me though. I could still be wrong, but here's what's been happening.

He always has something in store for me that I just don't expect.

First, I'll give you a little bit of a background just in case you don't know what it is that I do. At the end of December 2007 I switched careers and left the hospitality industry. I became an Administrative Assistant in the IT department at Expedia, INC. here at their headquarters in Bellevue.

In March of this year Expedia's technology department made quite a few changes to their structure. They merged the back end tech with the front end tech to make one large tech department. Before this merge there were three Executive Admins(EA's) and six Administrative Assistants(AA's). As I said earlier I was one of the six AA's. In March after the merge there were still three EA's, but I was the only AA left. How did I survive the merge? God is the only explanation that I have. There should be no reason why I survived. Not only did I survive, but they created a position specially tailored for me. I am the Invoicing Coordinator/Finance Liason for the technology department. I'm still shocked to this day.

So, why, if they created a position just for me, am I so bored? That's easy - I don't have enough to do. I have been trying to get myself involved in as many projects as possible without making anyone aware that I'm bored, but it's getting harder and harder.

Yesterday though, a co-worker in the finance department scheduled a meeting with me. Turns out he wants to be my mentor to get me to be a Financial Analyst 2 at Expedia. He told me that our CIO(unbeknownst to me) had asked his boss awhile back to mentor me. She was unable to do so as she is extremely busy. Chris(my new mentor) told her she should do it as he believed I was 80 times smarter than him. His words, not mine. She still couldn't do it, so he pestered her to let him do it.

Turns out he's mentored several people in the past. He also has several connections within Expedia higher up in the chain of command. Not a bad position for me to be in. Now all I need to do is give it my best effort and hope that I have the mental capacity to understand finance. The position I'm in is perfect. I have plenty of time to devote to my newly found studies. Hopefully he really has the time to mentor me properly.

Pray for me. I really need a change, but I love working at Expedia. I think this is exactly what I've been needing.

~Love, Amy

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